Jeffrey B. Allen has brought a powerful and exciting new twist to Magical Realism. By skillfully shifting in and out of reality, Allen intertwines the triumphs and tragedies of the human condition with a land of the unknown. Read More…

Beneath The Quarry Waters

T.V. Miniseries Announced

As reported by Michael Starr of the NEW YORK POST, producer Gene Corman ("A Woman Called Golda") has announced a deal with Hong Kong-based River Run, LLC to finance a four-hour miniseries based on Jeffrey Allen's novel, "Gone Away Into the Land." Production is slated for spring 2012 in Georgia and Hong Kong.

Beneath The Quarry Waters

Series: In the Absence of Shadows

The Spiral Road: Due Early 2012

Jeffrey B. Allen’s exciting series, In the Absence of Shadows continues.

If you enjoyed Gone Away into the Land, you will be amazed at his next book. It takes Gone Away’s thrilling inner journey to whole new level—and, although it builds on some of the wonderful characters you came to love or loath in Gone Away, it will guide you along a whole new path and introduce you to unique and dynamic characters with the same page turning action and philosophical depth you enjoyed while reading Gone Away.

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